Our standards

 All babysitters registered with Baby-Cham have undertaken and are committed to:

• Caring and attending to children in the way every parent would wish.

• Taking care of all clients' property as if it were their own.

• Exercising the utmost discretion and courtesy to our clients.

• Being punctual for all bookings.

Many have formal qualifications in nursing and childcare, and all babysitters have a huge amount of experience in looking after children. Before booking you will be sent a profile our of your suggested nanny telling you of her professional background, experience and their qualifications. Some of our babysitters specialise in certain ages or skills (i.e newborns/special needs/languages)- if your booking reflects any specific needs we will only make a booking if we have a babysitter to fit perfectly.
Our aim is 100% client satisfaction and we welcome any feedback, positive or negative, in order to help us improve our service in the future.

Contact Us with any suggestions you may have. Your thoughts are important to us.